Win Wilder Hall
Suzanna Frosch: New Work
Win Wilder Hall is proud to present:
Suzanna Frosch: New Work

Guest-curated by Warren Seelig.

Opening Friday September 4th, 6 - 8 pm.
On view through October 30th.

Win Wilder Hall is proud to present new works by artist and designer Suzanna Frosch in a show of mixed media works that draw from both her background in woven textile design and her engagement with natural biological pattern. In her own words: "I am a scavenger by nature, drawn to the language and challenges of collage: disparate elements sitting in balance, creating a visual calm, an imbalanced harmony.... I have taken with me the vocabulary of a weaver and brought it to paintings, constructions, castings, and collage".

Frosch's new works incorporate the yellowed pages of old books for a complex interplay between man-made and natural pattern. She writes: "I am exploring the patterns, rhythms, and subtleties in type and color-shifting of old books." Book pages are used both as dynamic foreground shapes and as an activated ground for overlaid painted forms. Certain works emphasize the linear qualities shared by weaving and printed text, but in others the interaction of pattern feels natural and biological, creating surfaces that "are both architectonic and organic in their memory and visual reference".

Frosch studied weaving and fiber arts at Philadelphia College of Art and at Cranbrook Academy. She continued to master the vocabulary of pattern and the mechanics of weaving in her work as a textile designer for the fashion houses of Donna Karan and Calvin Klein, and for the eminent textile firm Brunschwig et Fils. A New York City native, she now lives in Palisades, New York and Cushing, Maine.

Shown here: "Untitled", collage, India ink, and oil on paper. c. 2014 Suzanna Frosch