Win Wilder Hall
Devin Powers  "Whole"  2014
pigment and binder on parchment
7 x 4.5 inchesJoshua Cardoso  "Looking At You (Para-Picassonoid)"  2013
ink on paper
14 x 10.75 inchesJoshua Cardoso  (To Be Titled)  2014
graphite on laid-textured paper
19.75 x 52.25 inchesDevin Powers "Gate" 2014
pigment on parchment
7.5 x 5 inchesDevin Powers  "Thicket"  2014
pigment and binder on parchment 
7.5 x 5 inchesSciz-Amber Anchor (Study For Grand Female Sea Cipher) 2005
graphite on paper 
12.75 x 25.5 inchesDevin Powers  "Day Time"  2014
oil and pigment on carved wood
48 x 24 x .75 inchesJoshua Cardoso  "Cheshire Falls"  2014
ink on paper
13.75 x 19.75 inchesDevin Powers  "Data"  2014
pigment and binder on parchment
7 x 5.5 inches
Devin Powers & Joshua Cardoso
Win Wilder Hall is proud to present:
Devin Powers & Joshua Cardoso: a two-artist exhibition of drawings on paper and paintings on parchment.

For this exhibition, Cardoso will present a selection of graphite and ink drawings on paper from 2005 to 2014 and Powers will present a new series of paintings on traditional animal parchment and a piece rendered in carved wood and oil paint. Both artists work with delicate and complex abstract form, and both find fascination in the use of geometry in mapping both the tangible world and theoretical worlds of cosmology.

Devin Powers has built a body of work straddling two seemingly conflicting impulses. One is a passion for complex pattern and mathematical phenomena; the other, a mistrust in reason's ability to adequately express the deepest mysteries and intimate textures of our lives. In Powers' new works, he pays homage to the rich geometries of medieval illuminated manuscripts such as the Lindisfarne Gospels, using hand-mixed pigments on animal parchment. The result is an alchemical mixture of the secular and the mystical, rational and intuitive impulses, modernist abstraction and medieval ornament. Powers has shown widely in New York, New England, and beyond. A Massachusetts native, he lives, works, and occasionally teaches and curates in New York City. This show marks his return to Win Wilder Hall after his well-received 2011 solo exhibition, "Things Keep Their Secrets".

Joshua Cardoso is a multimedia artist whose practice includes sculpture, installation, sound work, video, and text based pieces. One constant since 2003 been a rigorous drawing practice established on an edge between minimalism and over-complexity. Composed of thousands of tiny glyph-like shapes, these drawings look amorphous and cloud-like from afar and emerge into dynamic aggregates of crystalline glyph-like shapes when viewed up-close. In the repetition and reiteration of these glyph-forms, the artist transforms them from mere marks to numbers or letters, sometimes erupting into runes, glyphs, and symbols; emphasizing both the concrete materiality of language and its ephemeral and flowing nature. The drawings hover between scientistic exactitude and a sense of organic formlessness, all with a level of detail and subtlety that must be experienced in person. Joshua is a native of Boston and recent Rockland transplant who has shown his work in Boston, New York, and Europe since 2002. Upon leaving New York City for Maine in 2011, he founded Win Wilder Hall with partner Ashley Seelig as a way of contributing a unique contemporary perspective to the burgeoning Rockland art scene.