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Maury Colton: Space In Location
Space in Location features seventeen large-scale abstract paintings in a salon-style installation fitted to the unique proportions of the gallery. The paintings were created over a very prolific five months in a studio situated above the gallery. The works in Space In Location show Colton re-combining elements of his signature vocabulary: a crisp yet jagged line, a double horizon, superimposed contrasting textures, and cell-like divisions. He works these elements through wildly diverse iterations forming a full-spectrum menagerie of graphic invention. The paintings form a cohesive whole echoing and ricocheting wildly off one other. Densely installed in the gallery, these high-impact, large-scale paintings will create a high-stimulation environment.
Over decades of rigorous painting practice, Maury Colton has developed a painterly style that is dynamic and multi-faceted, yet unique and recognizable. His most iconic work explores the possibilities of abstraction while deeply rooted in a reverence for the natural world and the traditions of landscape and post-impressionist painting. In a statement on Space in Location, he states: “I transcribe some of the vastness of the sky and the ocean. These paintings are measured by the devices of horizon and the up and down of the tidal world.” He has also referred to himself as “a working man making art”. His poetic calligraphy of painterly gestures is also grounded in the material mastery of the skilled craftsman.
Over 45 years of painting, Maury has shown his work broadly and extensively. His formal art education includes a scholarship to the Royal College of Art in London, studying with Brice Marden and Kenneth Noland at Skowhegan, and participating as both student and instructor at Concept, the radical alternative art school formed by dissident members of the Portland School of Art community in the late 60’s. He remains a presence in the art worlds of both New York City and Portland, Maine, where he served as president of the Maine Union of Visual Artists from 1977-78. Currently working out of studios on Matinicus Island and in Rockland, Maine, his mastery of color, surface, and graphic composition have experienced an incredible surge with the works of Space in Location. Win Wilder Hall is excited and privileged to host this exhibit.