Win Wilder Hall
Mind Go, Mind Gone 
2009, acrylic on canvas 
20” x 16"Not for the Eye 
2009, acrylic on canvas 
20" x 16"No Title
2011, oil on canvas 
18" x 18"After 
2009, acrylic on canvas 
72" x 48"May 
2011, oil on canvas 
42" x 30"  No Title 
2011, oil on canvas 
15" x 12"Year 
2011, oil on canvas 
28" x 42"
Devin Powers: Things Keep Their Secrets
On view September 2nd - September 28th, 2011.

“The big ideas and mysteries attracted me the most.
I liked thinking about things just beyond the crest of understanding.” - Devin Powers

"Things Keep Their Secrets" brings together nine stunning paintings produced between 2008 and 2011 from Devin Powers' ongoing series based on intensely wrought rectilinear geometry. Though his aesthetic palette is restricted almost exclusively to straight lines, symmetry, and crystalline networks, each of his works is suffused with spirit, atmosphere, and mood. In his own words:

"I don’t like most geometric art and I don’t like to label myself as a geometric painter because, although what I do is deeply involved in geometric forms, it is not a purely hermetic exercise in mathematical structure. Geometry is a way for me to enter into a method of accessing and communicating emotion through its form as well as through the many webs of familial resemblances and associations that attach to the form augmenting its meaning and mood. The kind of experience I am interested in is enmeshed in the geometric. But it also has roots in things like chaos, randomness, and overwhelming emotional states that are not commonly associated with geometry. I think this cold, unexpressive, anti-human, dimension to how we often experience geometry has to do with how modernism played out in industry and architecture... "

In Powers’ paintings geometric form becomes a means rather than an endpoint and the feel of the painting is anything but dryly scientistic. In After, 2009, thin white lines shoot out from clusters along the painting’s edges forming an exquisitely patterned space which captures the viewer in a feeling of weightless ecstasy. Its something akin to the mid-air play of figures in a Tiepolo ceiling, but achieved through the stricter and baser means of hard geometry. Year, 2011, presents a pair of radiating jewel-like eye forms symetrically placed in a stable crystalline space. The twin forms, although derived from a relatively simple geometric schema, transfix the viewer, teasing our sympathies to the form and daring us to see eyes where there are only unrelenting hard lines and angles.

Devin Powers is a Brooklyn, NY based artist who has exhibited widely in the United States. For more information on Devin Powers, please visit his website: