Win Wilder Hall
The Bounty, 2010The Bounty, 2010 (Detail)Hags, 2009detail from "The Kinship Structure of Ferns", 2008Self-Portrait, 2010Self-Portrait, 2010 (Detail)The Alones, 2010You Make Me Feel Plenty, 2010Untitled (Yoga), 2010
Lee Relvas
(Formerly known as Dewayne Slightweight):

Kinship Structures

Win Wilder Hall is proud to present Lee Relvas (formerly known as Dewayne Slightweight): Kinship Structures. We quote from Lee’s incredible website,

“I make work about growing kinship structures, both experienced and imagined. These structures are built through the feelings of scarcity and abundance, loneliness and community, that I've felt participating in various and overlapping DIY, feminist, and queer scenes and friendship networks."

"I've performed at house shows, basements, warehouses, backyards and other grandly-unofficial venues throughout the US. I've also performed and shown work at Art in General, John Connelly Presents, Dumbo Arts Center, Sculpture Center, and Orchard, all in NYC, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, ISpace, Gallery 400, Green Lantern, and the Co-Prosperity Sphere, all in Chicago."

"My work has been written about in the New York Times, ArtNews, Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Proximity Magazine, Chicago Reader, TimeOut Chicago, and New City. I've received grants from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, the Critical Fierceness grant, and a sonic artist residency at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago.”

It is our privilege to present this selection of Lee Relvas’ paintings and comic books. Most works are culled from the series You Make Me Feel Plenty, which was featured as part of the exhibition Everybody! Visual Resistance in Feminist Health Movements, 1969-2009, shown at I-Space Gallery in Chicago and at Minnesota’s Carleton College. New York Times critic Jerry Saltz featured the show (and an image of Lee’s painting Hags , 2009) in his 2010 Fall Preview. Also featured are paintings created exclusively for exhibition at Win Wilder Hall, as well as drawings and music from The Kinship Structure of Ferns, a 2008 performance/comic book project.