Win Wilder Hall
Lee Relvas 
(formerly known as Dewayne Slightweight)

Hags, 2009

gouache and watercolor on paper, 15x20"Kate Parnell, Untitled, 2011

oil, varnish, and acrylic on wood structure, 7x6x2” Kate Parnell, Untitled, 2011

oil, acrylic, and leather on wood structure, 5x4x3”Haeri Yoo,  A Talk With the Statue, 2011

graphite, wood, marker, colored pencil, collage on paper, 12x9" Haeri Yoo, A Disappointing Ride, 2011
graphite, marker, collage on paper, 12x9"

shown with Horse, 2011
found object, 2x3x1”Haeri Yoo, Legs, 2011
graphite, wood, marker, colored pencil, collage on paper
shown with Hard Book Cover, 2011
found objectWarren Seelig, Colored Light/Shadow Field, 2010
stainless steel and plexiglass, 26x25x24”
edition of tenLee Relvas 
(formerly known as Dewayne Slightweight)

Untitled (Yoga), 2010
watercolor and gouache on paper, 6x9”Joshua Cardoso, Anchor Petals, 2008
ink on paper, 10x13"Ashley Seelig, M.H., 2008
oil on canvas, 12x18x3”Devin Powers, Screen Painting, 2011
oil on household screen, 24x18”Andrew Graham, Confidence Man
(portrait of Thomas Kinkade),2010
acrylic on canvas, 14x11"Joshua Cardoso, Faster Solar Hand Motion, 2009
ink on paper, 16x11"Kate Parnell, Untitled (Mary Janes), 2011
acrylic and watercolor on paper, 10x8”Devin Powers, Mathematics, 2010
oil on linen, 16x12”Cassie Raihl, Cat With a Green Foot, 2010,
liquid plastic, bronze, and spraypaint, 16x17x7"Ashley Seelig, Untitled (Whoa 1), 2010
oil on canvas, 11x14x3”Ashley Seelig, Untitled (Whoa 2), 2010
oil on canvas, 12x12x3”Kate Parnell, Untitled, 2011
oil on wood panel, 10x8”
Crazy Cat Lady
Win Wilder Hall's Inaugural exhibition.

Featuring works by Andrew Graham,
Ashley Seelig, Cassie Raihl, Devin Powers,
Haeri Yoo, Joshua Cardoso, Kate Parnell,
Lee Relvas, and Warren Seelig.