Win Wilder Hall

Kenny Cole "Like There's No Tomorrow"

"Like There's No Tomorrow" brings together over thirty of Kenny Cole's most recent works, showcasing the surreal and humorous aspects of his steadfastly political work. While well-known for his immersive installations that pursue difficult explorations into the underlying logic of militarism and the cultural embrace of technologies, "Like There's No Tomorrow" will draw from his huge output of stand-alone paintings in gouache and acrylic. Rather than a single political narrative, the works in "Like There's No Tomorrow" exist as a chaotic dreamscape full of the signs of today's seemingly unresolvable issues.
In his own words: "It is a fitful daily grab bag that presents a cumulative narrative, replete with patterns, discoveries and telling imbalance. It is more pictorial, imagistic and shamanistic than past projects, in terms of digging into cultural structures and seeking keys that might unlock the logic of our current trajectories." In these works, Cole juxtaposes the imagery of war, oil, money and passages of techno-text with mythical figures in an exploration of the ethical dilemmas of technological seduction and arrogance. With their iconography of Uncle Sams, leprechauns, Santas, oil rigs, and war planes, the works are dream-like and cartoony, even as they are dark or outright condemning in their implications.

Kenny Cole was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, studied painting at Brooklyn's Pratt Institute, and took part in New York's East Village scene of galleries, alternative spaces, and nightclubs before moving to Maine in 1994 and settling in Belfast. He has exhibited widely in museums and galleries in Maine, New York City, and beyond, including the University of Maine Museum of Art, Bangor and the Center for Maine contemporary Art (CMCA). This is his first exhibition with Win Wilder Hall.